Saturday, October 01, 2005


A litte update for all who care. I guess I'll start with the ep news first. As I write this, our debut ep Drink Positive is in production!! Holy Shit!!! We're so excited, you have no idea. Promos should start rolling out next week and on November 8th it will be available for purchase. In the next week or so we'll also start throwing around ideas for some cool contests, giveaways, etc. You'll probably see the first mp3 up online for the song "Happily Ever After" in about two weeks. I'm sure you've all downloaded it from Limewire, Soulseek, or some other peer to peer program anyway, but hopefully not. A big thank you goes out to Toby @ Red Scare, Tony @ Red Letter Day Design, and Roger from Less Than Jake for busting their asses and getting this all finished in a very short time frame.

Now for the tour stuff. We're going to be heading up to the northeast in late October/early November to hook up with our pals Lost City Angels for some shows. The confirmed dates should be posted this week, so keep checking back. As I said in the last update, we're also really excited to be part of The Fest 4 in Gainesville, Fl this year. The roster Tony has thrown together is amazing. The dates are November 18th,19th,and 20th, and you should really head over to the The Fest and check out the bands, details, and history of this thing, it's awesome. We know we're playing on the 19th, but venues and times will be announced soon. The plan is to tour our butts off this coming year, so keep an eye out for a date near you. Thanks a ton for all the great emails and interest in the band, we really enjoy it. See ya on the road.

Bullets To Broadway

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