Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hey there everybody. Just wanted to send a Happy Thanksgiving shout out to every one of you!!!

Our tour with Lagwagon was awesome. Got to meet some of the coolest people ever, fun shows, and a ton of partying. I guess you really can't ask for anything more. Looks like we're taking December off, but starting in January, we'll be hitting it hard again. The plan is to start off with a tour of the dirty south for a few weeks in Jan/Feb, take a couple weeks off and then head to the UK/Europe!!! Can't wait.

Speaking of the UK/Europe, our cd Drink Positive will be released in your wonderful part of the world in early February. There will be an announcement on the label, tour dates, etc, early next week. The cd will be hitting Japan too around the same time I believe, and we should have exact details on that too very shortly.

Drink Positive is currently #2 on the Interpunk sales list, so if you haven't purchased it, help us make this baby #1!!! Thanks again to everyone for coming out to the shows, writing in, buying us drinks and whatever else you've done. It Rules! Newly designed website coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the road,
Matt,Heather,Geis,Kevin and Gui
Bullets To Broadway

Awesome band! Im a Teen Idols fan, and now Im a Bullets fan too! Its different but its fucking good as well!!! Im from Brazil, hope see you guys here someday!!!

Keep rockin!

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