Friday, February 10, 2006

Here's a quick little update for everyone interested. Tomorrow night, Feb 11th, we'll be making a rare Nashville appearance @ The Springwater. Our friends Defiance Of Authority, Snakeskin Machinegun and Ruby Rocket will be partying with us too, so come early and stay til close. It's going to be a blast!! We're trying to hit Nashville in late March too, we'll see what happens. Next week we head down to Florida for a string of shows. Our friends Sir Prize Fighter and Savage Brewtality will be joing us on a few of those, so check the dates for more info.

I found out earlier today that our "Drink Positive" ep is now available on iTunes. Pretty Cool! That's for all you lazy kids out there who don't want to make the trek to your local record store. Speaking of the ep, it's still doing really well, and we thank you for it. Household Name Records will be releasing the ep in the UK/Europe on Monday, just in time for our support tour w/ Less Than Jake that starts next month.

Interpunk should have new Bullets To Broadway merch up on their site next week. You can check out our page by going here. Guess that's about all for now. C-ya on the road.

Bullets To Broadway

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