Monday, March 20, 2006

Europe Here We Come!!!! Next Tuesday, The 28th, we finally get on a plane and head overseas to start the Less Than Jake/ Boys Night Out tour. We are super excited to say the least. During and after the LTJ tour, we will be doing our own headlining shows, so check out the “Dates” section for those. There are still a few shows we’re waiting on , but all the dates will be posted by the time we leave.

For anyone here in the Nashville area, we will be playing one last hometown show before we leave. The show is this Friday, the 24th @ The End and will start @ 9pm. Don’t Miss It! For all of you that have been anxiously awaiting a full US tour, the time has come. Starting June 6th, we will embark on our first coast to coast, entire US tour. It is being booked as I write this, so keep checking back for the dates. If there is a venue you think we should play in your town, drop us an email at .

We’re going to try to keep this updated with journal entries, pics, etc while we’re gone, but we’ll see what happens. You know things change once the partying begins. Hope to see you all on the road, and we’ll be at the merch table every night during this Euro trip, so come by and say Hi.

Bullets To Broadway

hey guys.
just wanted to say that i'm coming to your gig with LTJ at rock city on april 5th.
so i hope to see you there.

xx lawra xx

hey guys

just wanted to say u were awesome in manchester on april 2nd.
was great to meet you at the merch table!!

cat xxxxx
Caught you at the Birmingham Academy last thursday (6th April) and you guys were awesome, can't wait till you come back to our shitty little country!
great show yesterday in bordeaux even if it was not really crowdy.. see you on myspace ;)
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